Globe Video Pack

Globe Video Pack - is a set of 10 video special effects of premium quality that depict glossy 3D model of the Globe designed predominantly in blue color (as a symbol of peace and loyalty) to contrast the black background (as a symbol of infinity). The Video Effects from this pack would be extremely useful for creating intros and backgrounds for TV news or worldwide sports events overviews. It would definitely suit creating identity presentation of a worldwide business company. Any travel agency could use it to create a visual representation of their services by displaying travel itineraries or beautiful images of points of interest springing out of the 3D Globe model. The Globe video effects could be simply used as a screensaver for plasma monitors displayed in airports, railway and bus stations, etc. What's more, each video effect is musically illustrated for the most exhaustive and stunning effect. These amazing videos are nothing but a ray of warm and calm feeling enclosed into real HD quality (HD 720p). Pay attention that all the video effects from Globe Video Pack were created using the Quicktime JPEG Codec.

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